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A dog can be stressed by the person holding the leash, or by something that is in the environment: dogs, people, objects, noises, smells.

To be able to see and recognize the signs of stress means to be able to understand what may have caused them and to be able to help the dog feeling better.
Our goal is to make the dog feel safe, trust and rely on us.

Signs of stress

the dog pull on leash

- Pulling on leash
- Sniffing on the ground
- Walking with head down (tail low or tail up and stiff)

dog frequent urine mark and scratch

- Ears back
- Nose licking
- Frequent urine marking and scratching
- Frequent rolling on the ground

dog frequent urine mark and scratch

- Running away from the leash
- Touching, biting, fighting the leash
- Trying to slip out of the harness/collar

dog signs of fear

- Resist walking
- Signs of fear
- Barking and lunging

The dog ignores the owner

- Scared of leaving the heel position
- Trying to move away from the owner
- Walking behind
- Ignoring the owner

The dog on leash jumps on the owner

- Asking for help
- Jumping on the owner/strangers

 Text Alexa Capra 12 june 2021

Photo Alexa Capra and Daniele Robotti

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