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One of the reasons why owners lock a puppy in a cage is the tendency of puppies to bite, gnaw, tear, destroy.

They do it for fun, they do it when they change their teeth, or when they are stressed, as a coping strategy.
The most common strategies to manage a puppy are:

1. Make the house or a room safe, taking away everything that can be ruined or can be dangerous.

2. Lock your puppy in a cage or puppy enclosurel propose a third strategy: the "destruction box".

I suggest a third strategy: the "destruction box".

dog puppy play destroy object

Instead of inhibiting the puppy, distracting him, telling him "NO!", scolding him, locking him up because he bites, chews and destroys, I give the puppy plenty of opportunity to do so, on a wide choice of different materials. The destruction box is always within the puppy's reach, and he can take something he likes at that moment.

In the box there are: pieces of horn, dried meat, old bones (making sure that they are safe), pieces of wood, variou toys, sheepskin, plastic bottles, old slippers... Don't forget to play with your puppy!
In addition, I leave cardboard boxes available, which are especially appreciated when changing teeth.

dog puppy change teeth

I know, I know. You are afraid that if the puppy can choose between many different objects, he will learn to chew and destroy everything. It won't happen. If we give him the choice between what he likes the most, he won't need to look for something to play with or to use as a coping strategy in stressful times.

Even my adult dogs have their own destruction box, which includes kong, strong toys, balls, pieces of wood and... tires...

adult dog play

Text and article photos Alexa Capra 29 october 2020

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