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addestramento del cane video

The "Field Guide to Dog's Behavior" is a new series of videos and pictures, my hope is to enable an interactive exchange of perspectives of the complex emotional and social life of dogs. The information are based on my work on the dog's Ethogram, and my experience in communication classes.
In this video you can see Luce, a female border collie, with Marta, the owner, and a ball: Luce's whole world. She has a low social motivation, and is usually reactive when an unfamiliar dog approaches her, or Marta. She displays aggressive behaviors only to increase distance, and has never harmed a dog or a person. The problem with her is that she is usually unable to tolerate or to friendly interact with any other dog. In the first class, she is reacting first to Connie, but short after also to Bandit.
But then... "Along came Holly"
Holly is an intact male, low in aggressiveness, with good social skills and able to interact with both females and males. The female basenji, Papita, approaches Luce. Luce threatens her, and Papita reacts with fear, stops and moves a few steps away. Holly comes on the rescue! He approaches Luce, sniffs, her, and displays a lateral stance, keeping an eye on Luce and Papita. Papita is now able to approach and sniff Luce, without being at risk of an aggression. When Luce asks for distance (the ball and moving away while playing with Marta), Papita follows her, and Holly checks the two females before looking for a good spot for urine marking.